Taurus Plumbing is a growing business with a high focus on client relationships and quality work. We install sustainable plumbing for the future with low maintenance. Our capable workforce understands that they not only represent Taurus Plumbing onsite but also the client we contract to. We lead by example in safe work practice, as we currently 24-month incident free and have been nominated by TAPS Training for an award in work safety.

The Plumbing Industry is constantly changing and we are always researching and adapting to new systems available, to offer our clients the solutions they need. We currently work with Adelaide’s leading hydraulic engineers which keeps us at the forefront of regulations and product innovatation.

  • We combine Innovation & Quality with Professional Service
  • Leading in Safe Work Practices (TAPS Training Award Nominee)
  • At the Forefront of Regulations and Product Innovation
  • Expertise in Specialised Plumbing (Grease Arrestors, Brewery and Dental Systems)

    We have work some of SAs largest businesses and builders. We understand the importance of professionalism with clients and the other trades.


    Our constant research into new products and regulations allow us to deliver innovative plumbing for commercial, residential and specialised services.


    We take safety seriously and have a 12-Month Incident Free Record that has earned us a nomination for a TAPS Training Award.

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    0431 729 477

TAPS Excellence in Safe Work Practices | Small Host Employer Winner
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